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Layer: School Points (ID: 0)

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Name: School Points

Display Field: schoolname

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPoint

Description: Updated 9/11/14 using 2012 enrollment data, 2013 employment data, information from websites, phone calls, and any other resources as available. At time of update fields were added to include employment data, enrollment data, building code, school code, TAZ08, and school website. Please verify information before use as it will be updated on an ongoing basis. Please contact COMPASS with any questions or any knowledge of updates, alterations or modifications that need to be made. FIELDS:UpdateBy: Name or initials of last person to update the recordUpdateOn: Date the record was last updated onSchoolName: Name of the school at the pointSchoolDist: School district the point physically is withinType: Describes the nature of the building and grade/age range of students enrolledValues:PRE K: Preschool &/or Nursery school & Day CareELEMENTARY: Traditional Kindergarten through 6thgradeK-8: Kindergarten through 8th gradeK-12: Kindergarten through 12th grade MIDDLE: 6thgrade through 8thgradeJUNIOR HS: 7thgrade through 9th gradeSENIOR HS: 9th through 12thgradePOST SR: College, University, Technical or Professional SchoolsOTHER: Irregular range of grades or ages ADMIN: Administrative Building/ServicesRETAIL-EDU: Retailor or seller of educational materials or suppliesSiteAddres: Physical address of the school or buildingSiteCity: City the school or building is located inSiteState: State the school or building is located inSiteZip: Zip code the school or building is located inSiteCounty: County the school or building is located inBuilding_Code: Building Code assigned to the school according to the 2012 Enrollment data sheet, where the number is not available or this does not apply the value used is ‘N/A’School_Code:School Code assigned to the school according to the 2012 Enrollment data sheet, where the number is not available or this does not apply the value used is ‘N/A’School_JoinID: Concatonated field of Building Code + School Code as a 7 digit code assigned by the 2012 Enrollment data sheet. If the School Code is only a three digit code an additional ‘0’ is added before the code to achieve the full seven digits necessary for the field. Where the number is not available or this does not apply the value used is ‘N/A’Notes: Any pertinent information that was not suited for another fieldEmploy13:Number of employees according to the 2013 employment final point fileTAZ08: TAZ08 in which the point liesType_II:Describes the nature of the school – public vs private runValues:PUBLIC: Owned, operated, funded, governed and sanctioned by the Idaho Department of EducationPRIVATE: Owned, operated & funded by private donors, foundation, trust or other source. May or may not meet State or Federal curriculum requirements/standardsOPT_ENROLL: Y/N field indicating if there is an open enrollment boundary for the schoolType_III:Any further information or description about the school. Values:AG PRODUCTION & RESEARCH: U of I extension campuses with specific research focus and use intentionALTERNATIVE: Any alternative learning environment, field may contain a ‘-___’ for a further description about what the alternative style is; teen parents, night school, at risk, ect…CHARTER: Any public school classified as a charter by the State Board of EducationCOLLEGE, UNIVERSITY, TRADE SCHOOL: Any post-secondary education institution, includes graduate programs, law schools and vocational training programs.COMMUNITY EDUCATION – ENVIRONMENTAL: Nontraditional classroom facilities which offer courses for the community (child and adult) to promote higher learning and understanding of the environment, care of the environment and environmental issues.CULTURAL: Any school which offers cultural enrichment or a multi-cultural learning environment. Field may also contain ‘-___’ to describe what the specific culture the school educates in.DURRING INCARCERATION: Schools are run through the Juvenile Detention Centers. These schools are acknowledged by the State Department of Education, and are recognized by the State. Available to students during the time of their incarceration. FAITH BASED: Any school run by or affiliated with a religious organization or faith based system of beliefs, and incorporates values and beliefs into the curriculum.FAITH BASED BOARDING: Any school run by or affiliated with a religious organization or faith based system of beliefs, and incorporates values and beliefs into the curriculum. These school also offer a live in facility option to students.HEADSTART: Formal pre-kindergarten education programsINTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE: School which offers programs for International Baccalaureate credit for studentsLANGUAGE AND CULTURE: Private (non-charter) language and culture focused schools. Field may also contain ‘-___’ to describe what the specific culture the school educates in.MAGNET: Any school with a particular subject area focus intended to draw students with natural aptitudes or specific interests, these schools have open enrollment boundaries with an application process, as long as the student resides within the school district to which the school is a part of. MONTESSORI: Private schools with a focus on experiential learning rather than traditional learning methods. MUSIC: Schools with an additional focus on musical aptitude and methodsONLINE OR HOME SCHOOL: Virtual or online classroom optionsSPECIAL NEEDS: Schools with facilities and resources for students with special needs or additional assistance and attention. Access: Indicates whether the point is the actual building location itself or an access point. Building locations are coded as "Loc" and access points are coded as "PV" for pedestrian/vehicle access.Main_Acc: Identifies if an access point is the main entrance/exit location for each school.Source: Where the numbers for the employment data and/or student enrollment were gathered from.Enrollment: # of students enrolled according to the 2012 enrollment data, or based on best information we were otherwise able to obtain (if not on the 2012 enrollment data).Website:Most recent URL if able to locate, if unable to locate indicated in field with “UTL”Status: Used to describe if the school is currently active, closed, or planned (used to query out inactive schools for performance monitoring purposes)UniqueID: Made by combining District number and building number in from DDDBBBB. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Updated Fall 2013 From School District WebsitesUpdated 9/11/11 From School District WebsitesJuly 2010 . Canyon County has since requested a new data structure to match their address points. The new schools file has the new structure. The point location of this file is identical to the new schools point file May 2010 - Edited the Ada County schools to align with school sites on NAIP imagery and confirmed schools against respective school district websites Jan - March 2010 - Worked with Jay Young over a several month period and several renditions to reconcile the Canyon County side of this file. December 2009 - Merged with Jay Young's Canyon point file in order to build a new data structure that meets Emergency Service data standards. Went through point by point to ensure alignement with buildings on NAIP imagery and attribute values.

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